Digital Protection Summit 2020

Digital Protection Summit ’20 is canceling its in-person event and going virtual due to COVID-19 concerns.

The DIGITAL PROTECTION SUMMIT is a virtual event where industry leaders will learn about trends and best practices in digital innovation and fraud protection.


Jonathan Care

Sr Director Analyst
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Jonathan Care is a Research Director at Gartner Research. Mr. Care’s area of expertise includes payment systems, cybersecurity, fraud detection and prevention applications, authentication, identity proofing, identity theft and insider threats. He also covers the PCI compliance program, tokenization and the security aspects of payment systems. His technical experience provides insight into application and network security, including secure coding standards and practices, red/blue teaming, vulnerability management, and firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEM.

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Identity Trust Global Network, Emerging Fraud, and Security Trends

How to Identify and Prevent Friendly Fraud

Enabling New Revenue Channels: Omnichannel, Cross-Border, and Loyalty

Choosing Your Fraud Prevention Deployment Method

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Ekata provides global identity verification solutions via enterprise-grade APIs for automated decisioning, and Pro Insight, a SaaS solution for manual review for cross-border businesses to grow revenue by maximizing their predictability of good transactions. Ekata’s product suite is powered by the Ekata Identity Engine (EIE), the first and only cross-border identity verification engine of its kind. It uses complex machine learning algorithms across the five core consumer attributes of email, phone, name (person or business), physical address, and IP, to derive unique data links and features from billions of real-time transactions within the Ekata proprietary network and the data licensed from a broad spectrum of global providers. Businesses around the world including Alipay, Microsoft, Stripe, and Airbnb leverage our product suite to increase approvals of more good transactions, reduce customer friction at account opening, and find fraud.


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